What do VITBEARS taste like? 

VITBEARS are absolutely delicious! We tested a variety of flavors and decided upon a berry combination that we're sure everyone will enjoy!

I have a medical condition, can I still take the vitamins? 

We do not recommend consuming the vitamins if you have a medical condition. If you insist, please speak to a healthcare professional and show them our ingredients.                                                      

I can't consume Biotin, can I still take the vitamins? 

VITBEARS vitamins contain Biotin, we do not recommend taking the vitamins if you are sensitive to Biotin.

Are there any side effects? 

There are no known side effects to the vitamins. Please review the ingredients to ensure you do not consume ingredients you may be sensitive or allergic to.                                                                                                                                    

Can men take VITBEARS Vitamins? 

Absolutely! The vitamins were formulated for all genders and all hair types.                                                                                                   

Can I take VITBEARS while I’m breastfeeding or pregnant? 

We recommend speaking to your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing to get approval.

Will I start growing hair all over my body? 

VITBEARS do not contain any hormones and will not affect the hair on the rest of your body or face.

How many vitamins should I take? 

We recommend taking 2 gummy vitamins a day. 

Will my hair fall out if I stop taking the vitamins? 

No your hair will not fall out if you stop taking vitamins.  

Where do you ship to? 


What are your shipping and delivery charges? 

For exact shipping costs, please see our shipping calculator at checkout.

Do you have any discounts?

 We are happy to announce we have an amazing discount on our 3 and 6 month supply! The 3 and 6 month supply are already discounted and no code is needed at checkout.

When does the package ship? 

Orders are processed for shipment within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday excluding holidays).

How long does shipping take? 

Domestic shipments typically take up to 7 days after processing time.  International shipments vary by destination and shipping method.